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TransferHero is a carbon reducing and carbon offsetting, shared, airport transfer solution that offers 24 hour services on European Airports.
Our rides can be pre-booked online or booked last minute upon arrival on the airport.
We were founded to help travellers pay less for their airport transfer by working closely with airports, airlines and taxi companies.
In July 2018 we were accepted to the Startupbootcamp Smart City and IOT accelerator programme in Amsterdam.
The Schiphol Group is a partner in the programme and after our initial pitch, with our solution for low fare airline and remote airport transfers proposal, matching interest points were identified and we came up with an app solution which can help reduce traffic congestion in the kiss and fly zone as well as on the airport overall and help travellers pay at least 40% less and drivers earn up to 30% more when going to or coming from the airport.
Pre-booking is done online via our app, website or booking widgets we include on airline companies’ websites or in their booking process.
Last minute booking is available via our app which also includes a timing element and geolocation guide element which helps travellers navigate through the airport to their driver and also notifies the rider when the travellers are ready to go.
By doing this we are able to reduce traffic congestion on airports as the pick-up time is reduced by an estimated 3 minutes per vehicle on average, as both the travellers and the driver are notified about their status by our app in just the right time.
We only offer shared rides so fewer vehicles are going to the airport and in doing so reduce the amount of CO2 being released to the atmosphere.
Lastly, for every transfer we make, we plant a Paulownia Tomentosa / Fortunei hybrid type tree which absorbs CO2 ten times better than any other tree type. By doing this we are able to completely offset the negative flight carbon footprint left by the travellers and the ride carbon footprint left by the driver during their respective trips.