What are we doing?2018-10-21T14:42:42+00:00
We are testing wheather our value proposition towards the travellers are solid enough. We are competitively priced and plant a tree for every ride we make. We want to test wheather people don’t mind sharing a ride in a Tesla S Model or Nissan Leaf from the airport.
Where do you plant the trees?2018-10-21T14:42:39+00:00
We plant our trees in Croatia right now, but we want to be able to plant the trees locally. So we arranged that for this pilot our trees will be planted for the Floriade on Flevoland
How come there is no prebooking?2018-10-21T14:42:33+00:00
Essentially, there is no need to prebook, as our app functions as a ride hailing app.
We partnered up with a concessionary taxi company – SchipholTaxi which constantly has vehicles on the airport so there shouldn’t be a challenge to do the pickup at any time of night or day.
Can I also book a ride to Schiphol?2018-10-21T14:38:03+00:00
Yes you can, however not on mobile. We only did the bare essentials to be able to provide the rides.
Who are the drivers?2018-10-21T14:38:22+00:00
The drivers are licenced drivers that work for SchipholTaxi. We are outsorcing the rides to their best drivers.
Do I always need to share a ride?2018-10-21T14:42:23+00:00
No, you don’t. However, for the pilot on Schiphol we are testing the willingness of travellers to share a ride. That way we can be priced a few EUR lower than Uber and 40% off compared to taxi.
What is Stripe?2018-10-21T14:42:18+00:00
Stripe is a secure payment gateway we use that accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We use Stripe as that way we are GDPR compliant, and don’t have access to your credit card details.
How do I receive an invoice?2018-10-21T14:42:14+00:00
Upon booking completion an invoice is sent directly to the Email address you provided.